Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) Work Group

About the LoT Work Group

The CPC’s Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) work group is a group of 11 Cleveland young adults who meet to discuss issues and develop solutions to policing related issues that impact young people in Cleveland. These solutions will take the form of policy recommendations that the CPC will submit to the City and other stakeholders as outlined by the Consent Decree.

Members will voice their opinions, thoughts, and personal stories about issues they and other young people in the community face as related to interactions with Cleveland police. Commissioner guidance, interactive workshops, and group research projects are designed to help members develop the confidence, knowledge and skills needed for members to become effective problem solvers and encourage future civic engagement.

LoT members are between the ages of 18 – 26 and are residents of the city of Cleveland. Members serve a two-year term and meet monthly. 

Member Responsibilities and Duties

  • Attend in-person or online monthly work group meetings.
  • Serve as CPC “community ambassadors”
  • Participate in civic engagement activities and professional conferences related to the CPC’s work including District Policing Meetings. 
  • Develop policing policy recommendations based on experience, research and deliberation for consideration by appointed CPC Commissioners.
  • Develop and coordinate social, educational public events as needed and as approved by the CPC.
  • Deliver a culminating presentation to the Commission and the Cleveland community on how the work group’s work has contributed towards building positive relationships between youth and police.

Work Group Members along with CPC Commissioners and Staff on their first (virtual) meeting of 2021

Meet the LoT Members

Jazmyne Shaw

I am an Ohio University alumna with my Bachelor’s in Psychology, as well as a political communication certificate. I’m honored and excited to be a part of this program and serve as a voice for my community.

The LOT program has given me first-hand insight into the Consent Decree and reform process is taking place in Cleveland. It has provided me a platform to speak on issues I find of importance, as well as afforded me an opportunity to grow professionally, personally and as a social justice leader. I plan to gain extensive knowledge about what types of changes are being implemented by the city and police department, and provide any input that I can to improve the living and policing conditions for the citizens of Cleveland.

James Egan

I joined the Leaders of Tomorrow Work Group to be a positive change agent for my community. I hope to help the Cleveland Community Police Commission acknowledge, redress, and rebuild the relationship between the Cleveland Division of Police and the Cleveland community.

Samantha Montanez

I am a current graduate student at Ohio University and I am studying Law, Justice & Culture. My hopes are to use my program as a stepping stone towards obtaining a law degree. I am also currently serving on the board of a local non-profit called Young Latino Network. Lastly, I serve on the technology committee for my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

I wanted to be a part of the CPC Leaders of Tomorrow Workgroup because I want to influence change in my city. I want my city to become safer, and I want the voices of my community members to be taken seriously. Lastly, the youth voice is needed and is integral to change. Therefore, I wanted to be a part of something that creates an avenue for the young voices of Cleveland to be heard. Overall, I joined because I wanted to help amplify my community’s voice and make change for a better future, for a better Cleveland.

Ivan Conard

My name is Ivan T. Conard and I am completing graduate studies in social administration and nonprofit management at Case Western Reserve University. Through my coursework, I focus on community impact for social change and have an interest in impacting organizations to better the lives of the surrounding communities. Being a part of this program will provide me the insight and network to learn the internal functions of Cleveland police departments and the impact of the consent decree.

I believe this opportunity will not only satisfy my interests to learn how to impact policing and policy but will also supply the community a voice of how youth view the spiraling issues of today. I look forward to having a voice and lending an ear in support of our communities and how police are held accountable.

Esther Ngemba

Esther Ngemba immigrated to the United States of America from DR Congo. Fleeing unrest and war in Congo, she lived in Uganda for five years as a refugee. Esther and her family were resettled to Cleveland in 2011, where she established a new home. Esther has a great passion for helping refugees by educating others about the issue through her public speaking and advocating. She decided she wanted to talk to people about her experience because she wants to help change people’s perceptions of refugees. She had the opportunity to speak and present at the “ leave NO one Behind” event at UNGA’19 with Global Citizens. She’s a Junior at John Carroll University, double majoring in Communication and Peace/ Justice and Human Rights. Esther is the founder of furahi: A taste of home, LLC, a small local business, that provides congolese cuisine and an African dining decor business located in Cleveland, Ohio. By offering a plethora of products to its customers, including cooking classes, catering, and unique African dining table sets, Furahi brings Africa to Cleveland. She wanted to be a part of the CPC Leaders of Tomorrow Workgroup because she wanted to influence change in her community policing and ensure that everyone feels safe.

Judith Cusack

Currently, I am a junior at Case Western Reserve University with majors in Psychology, History, and Sociology with a minor in Social Justice on the pre-law track. Being a part of this program means addressing large societal issues that I am extremely passionate about such as police-community issues in not only America but specifically in Cleveland. For this program, I expect to broaden my connections with those in Cleveland, officials and students alike, while also working on and learning how to address issues such as police brutality and police-community conflicts. I think this program will benefit me by broadening my knowledge on different topics and connecting me with other like-minded individuals. For the community, my hopes are that this program will help to spread awareness on policing issues in our community and to provide solutions.

Omar Kelly

Bio coming soon

Mica Jordan

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