City of Cleveland’s Ninth Status Report

Filed: September 3, 2020

Overview of Report

Paragraph 387 of the Consent Decree provides that on a semi-annual basis, the City of Cleveland is to file a status report with Court. The City’s Ninth Status Report describes the steps taken by the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) during the reporting period to comply with this Agreement, CDP‘s assessment of the status of its progress, plans to correct any problems, and response to concerns raised in the Monitor‘s previous semi-annual report.

In the Report:

Response to Concerns Raised in the Monitor’s Semi-Annual Report

The City‘s response to the Monitor‘s concerns addressing the relationship of the City and CDP with the CPC is contained in the Community Engagement part of this Report. The City continues to meet and work with the CPC and remains committed to the principles of community policing and community engagement. 

The Monitor has expressed a concern that CDP continues to lack the technology and data necessary to allow officers to report the basic information required to provide the data that is needed to analyze and assess the Department‘s performance. The City believes that much of this concern has been addressed and that the acquisition of necessary data will be collected and made available. Insuring CDP‘s ability to capture relevant information by way of electronic input into an accessible data base through forms developed for used by officers has required much effort and technical work with the City‘s software provider. As noted above the City believes that much of the necessary work has now been completed and that the technology and data necessary for the Monitor‘s compliance assessment will be available. The City will continue to work with the Monitor to ensure this capability.