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Press Releases

CPC Releases Police Surveillance Technology Recommendations
The CPC Technology Committee today released its initial report and recommendations on Cleveland’s emerging police surveillance technology.
CPC Publishes 2021 Annual Report
The CPC today released its 2021 Annual Report which highlights the CPC’s work over the past year and outlines the changes happening soon to the CPC as a result of a civilian-led initiative to significantly change the police oversight structure in Cleveland.
CPC Launches Online Educational Resource About History of Cleveland Police Reforms
Today, the CPC launched the "100 Years Project” to enhance the dialogue of safety and the role of policing in the future by closely examining the past.
CPC Congratulates Mayor-Elect Justin Bibb
The CPC congratulates Mayor-Elect Justin Bibb on his historic win. We are excited for the future of Cleveland and are committed to continuing the reform efforts started by the Consent Decree.
CPC to Survey Cleveland Community about Police Interactions
Responses to the community survey will help the CPC and citizens of Cleveland in tracking overall progress of police reform in the city. The deadline to submit feedback in the survey is October 31, 2021.
CPC Statement on Justice for Desmond Franklin
Desmond Franklin was killed by an off-duty Cleveland police officer on April 9th, 2020. The CPC believes justice has still not been served. Reopening the case and providing transparency to the public until its conclusion is the best course of action to rebuild trust in the process of justice.
CPC Requests Independent Investigation into the Police Shooting Death of Arthur Keith
The Commission believes that the investigation into the death of Arthur Keith was woefully inadequate and resulted in a denial of Mr. Keith and of Mr. Keith’s family’s civil rights. The Commission respectfully requests an independent investigation of the killing of Arthur Keith.
CPC Recommends Reinstatement of Professor Ayesha Hardaway as Deputy Monitor
In a letter to Monitor Aden, the CPC recommends the reinstatement of Professor Ayesha Hardaway to the compliance team as the Deputy Monitor.
CPC Requests DOJ to Reopen Civil Rights Investigation into the Homicide of Tamir Rice
The Cleveland Community Police Commission, in solidarity with the Rice family and others throughout Ohio, requested the Department of Justice (DOJ) to reopen its civil rights investigation into Tamir Rice’s death.
CPC Submits Recommendations on CDP Vehicle Pursuit Policy
On August 31, the Community Police Commission submitted its vehicle pursuit policy recommendations to the City and Cleveland Division of Police. The CPC's proposed vehicle pursuit policy changes focus on incorporating best practices to increase safety and improve transparency.
CPC Letter to DOJ Requesting Investigation into Possible Civil Rights Violations During May 30 Lawful Assemblies
The CPC sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting a prompt examination into whether the involved police agencies engaged in violations of civil rights via attacks on peaceful protesters, unlawful arrests of protesters and the use of excessive force on protesters.

In the News

Stories from the news and community highlighting the CPC’s work, Commission events, and Consent Decree updates.

Federal monitor outlines Cleveland police failings in response to May 30 George Floyd protests

A team monitoring the progress of police reform in Cleveland since 2015 says authorities gave inappropriate dispersal orders to a crowd of protesters gathered outside the Justice Center during the May 30 protests of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.Continue reading Federal monitor outlines Cleveland police failings in response to May 30 George Floyd protests


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