Reports, Recommendations, and Statements 

The Cleveland Community Police Commission (CPC) has issued numerous recommendations, reports, and statements on Cleveland’s police policies since the commission was formed by the Consent Decree in 2015. Among the issues the CPC was tasked to provide input on are:

Civilian Oversight of Police
Bias-Free Policing
Use of Force
Community and Problem Oriented Policing (CPOP)
Search and Seizure
Officer Misconduct and Accountability

Below are highlighted work and recommendations on these issues by year:

2015 / 2016

Get Involved with the CPC

The CPC’s work is shaped by the experience and expertise of the people of Cleveland. Take an active role in the reform process by working with the CPC to shape recommendations on ways to improve police policies. Ongoing community input will help ensure policing in Cleveland is safe, effective, and that people’s civil rights are upheld.