Officer Misconduct & Accountability

(Consent Decree, paragraphs 176 – 249)

“The City and CDP will ensure that all allegations of officer misconduct, whether internally discovered or alleged by a civilian, are fully, fairly, and efficiently investigated; that all investigative findings are supported by a preponderance of the evidence and documented in writing; and that all officers who commit misconduct are held accountable pursuant to a disciplinary system that is fair, consistent, and provides due process.”

CPC Recommendations and Reports

The Community Police Commission has issued numerous recommendations, reports, and statements on Cleveland’s police policies since the commission was formed by the Consent Decree in 2015. Accountability is among the issues the CPC was tasked to provide input on and our work is listed below:

June 2020

June 2020

March 2020

This report evaluates the Cleveland Division of Police’s revised training curricula and the progress towards meeting community expectations. Continue reading

June 2019

As part of its ongoing review of the CDP’s disciplinary process, the CPC produced a report on the arbitration process as it occurred between 2014 and 2018. This time frame covers before & after the Consent Decree implementation process began. Read the Report

September 2019

This report by the CPC Accountability Work Group examines police accountability in Cleveland beyond discipline and makes recommendations to enhance police practices. Continue reading

May 2017

The Community Police Commission supports the use of body-cameras whether officers are engaged in primary or secondary employment.  Read the Full Statement

May 2017

The Cleveland Community Police Commission, as per the Consent Decree, is providing recommendations for the disciplinary guidelines GPO 1.1.11. Continue reading

April 2016

The Mission Statement Best Practices Report is the CPC’s response about mission statements. It is issued on behalf of the community to provide insights to Cleveland Division of Police and other Consent Decree Stakeholders in compliance with the Consent Decree. Continue reading

May 2017

The Cleveland Community Police Commission (CPC) reviewed the first draft of the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) / Office of Professional Standards (OPS) Operations Manual to determine whether it adequately reflects community interests, values, experiences, and concerns.Continue reading

How you can get involved

Your feedback is crucial to ensuring the Commission’s reports and recommendations on ways to improve police policies reflect the values of all Cleveland residents. Join a CPC work group to discuss and prepare reports on issues outlined in the Consent Decree, or view our list of other ways to get involved in the police reform process and have your voices heard.