What policies do we need your feedback about?

General Police Orders (GPO) is a collection of written policies that guide every aspect of a police department’s daily operations and actions. These policies impact everyone. Policies direct how duties are carried out and how officers interact with the community.

Community feedback about ways to improve the content of these policies will help ensure policing in Cleveland is safe, effective, and that people’s civil rights are upheld – meaning everyone in the community is treated fairly and impartially.

Cleveland’s General Police Orders

The Cleveland Division of Police’s GPO document serves as a reference manual to provide guidance on specific topics or situations. The CPC focuses on providing community input on ways to improve the policies related to: community and problem-oriented policing (CPOP), bias-free policing, and police transparency. Read Cleveland’s General Police Orders (pdf) here or the embedded version below.


Note: The Cleveland Division of Police’s GPO is kept up to date by the City of Cleveland. Latest Revision Date: May 2019.
The most recent, up to date GPO can also be found on the City’s website here: www.city.cleveland.oh.us/node/28493

How to Get Involved

The CPC needs your help to shape policing policies that create a safer community and a police department that is more connected to the community and its values and expectations. View our work to view the policy recommendations the CPC has made to date. Together we can make policies better.