Participate in the policing reform process directly through CPC surveys and feedback forms. The CPC routinely utilizes online surveys to gather community comments and views on specific topics outlined in the Consent Decree

Your feedback is needed to inform the CPC’s work of developing police policy recommendations that reflect the values of all Cleveland communities. Please take a moment to take the surveys below, or contact us with any topics or issues related to policing reform you feel the CPC should address.

Active Surveys

Community Satisfaction Survey
Submission Deadline: May 31

Your experiences are very important to us. Knowing how community members and police officers interact with each other helps determine if a policy or training is effective. In this survey, we want to know if you – as part of the Cleveland community – have noticed a change in policing since new officer training programs have been implemented.

Please complete our short 10 minute survey if you live or work in Cleveland or if you’ve had contact with a Cleveland officer. Responses from this survey will help us understand how much policing has changed in Cleveland since reforms were mandated in 2015 and what changes still need to be made. Please click the link below to take the survey.

Cleveland’s Police Pursuit Policy
Submission Deadline: Open

Let us know your feedback on Cleveland’s Police Pursuit Policy. The purpose of this survey is to collect community feedback about the current General Police Order (GPO) that establishes the guidelines the Cleveland Division of Police follows during vehicle pursuits. Information from your responses will be used to make recommendations about what content should be added or removed from this GPO to ensure officers make the best possible decisions in critical situations.

The vehicle pursuits policy is 17 pages long. The exact text from the document has been divided into sections to make it easy to read. Please enter your feedback about the content of each section in the comment box provided.