Participate in the policing reform process directly through CPC surveys and feedback forms. Community feedback on how to improve police policies will help ensure positive, long-term reform. Please take a moment to take the surveys below, or contact us with any topics or issues related to policing reform you feel the CPC should address.

Active Feedback Forms & Surveys

Available soon: 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey

Annual Community Survey

Community Satisfaction Survey

The Commission created an annual survey that aims to assess changes in the community’s satisfaction with the Cleveland Division of Police and its officers. Tracking this progress is an important part of ensuring that the CDP and City continue to make progress with implementing the Consent Decree.

In the Community Satisfaction Survey (CSS), community members are asked to:e

  • Assess their level of satisfaction regarding the performance of CDP officers,
  • Determine how that assessment has changed over the last two years, if at all,
  • Share any experiences or interactions with CDP officers – positive, negative, or neutral

Survey Findings

2020 was the first year the CSS survey was distributed to the community. Survey findings of this and future annual community surveys will be updated below.