Brady - Giglio

This page is a work in progress towards meeting our obligation under Charter §115-5. The charter states our duty of:

“Soliciting, gathering, compiling, organizing, maintaining, and generally updating information on individual police officers whose career records or personal history merit designation or disclosure even reasonably arguably advisable under Brady v. United States or Giglio v. United States and those cases’ progeny; ensuring that the Division of Police and municipal, county, state, and federal prosecutors disclose such information at the beginning of the discovery process in all criminal and civil cases in which such officers could be witnesses or are parties; making such information readily publicly accessible on the City’s website; and publicizing and devising means of public accountability for failures in the Division of Police, by the Chief of Police, by the Department of Law, by the Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney, or others to track, identify, maintain, organize, and disclose such information. The Commission must undertake this duty as to all current police officers, including information predating this Section’s effective date.”

Below are a list of letters received from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office by year that addresses officer behavior related to this provision.

Please check back for updates as we continue to determine how to best meet the conditions set forth in the Charter.