Filings, Motions & Exhibits

Northern District of Ohio Case No. 1:15-CV-01046

Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., Chief Judge of the Northern District of Ohio, oversees and enforces the Consent Decree to ensure that the Cleveland Division of Police implements the specific reforms to its systems, strategies, and policies outlined in the Decree.

OPS Status Report

As was noted in the City’s prior report to the Court (Dkt. 245), two major goals were established last year relative to completing work on complaints received by the City’s Office of Professional Standards (“OPS”). The first goal remains ensuring that OPS stays current in completing the necessary reviews and investigations for complaints received by OPS after December 1, 2017. Presently, OPS employs eight permanent investigators and one temporary investigator for this purpose.Continue reading OPS Status Report

Order Approving 3rd Year CIT Curriculum

The Monitor’s Motion indicates that the Proposed Training Curriculum was reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Parties and the Monitoring Team. Pursuant to the recommendation of the Monitor that the court approve the Cleveland Division of Police’s Proposed Training Curriculum, the court hereby approves said curriculum, which meet the terms of the Consent Decree. Accordingly, the court orders said curriculum to be effective immediately.Continue reading Order Approving 3rd Year CIT Curriculum

Motion to Approve 3rd Year Crisis Intervention In-Service Training Curriculum

The City of Cleveland (the “City”), on behalf of the Cleveland Division of Police (“CDP” or “Division”), submitted to the Monitoring Team a PowerPoint presentation on Recognizing and Responding to Traumatized Youth, with accompanying Lesson Plan and Instructor’s Manual; and a PowerPoint presentation on Crisis Policy Update with an accompanying Instructor’s Manual (together, the “Proposed Crisis Intervention Training Curriculum” or “Proposed Training Curriculum”), attached hereto as Exhibits A and B, respectively.Continue reading Motion to Approve 3rd Year Crisis Intervention In-Service Training Curriculum

Motion to Approve 4th Year Monitoring Plan

Because the Parties have made good on completing needed policies and plans, the Fourth Year Plan appropriately shifts much of the Parties’ and Monitoring Team’s attention to the real-world implementation of now-completed and approved policies and plans. The Plan also details a host of important officer training initiatives necessary to establish new expectations and norms across all CDP members. Accordingly, the Monitoring Team and Parties respectfully request that the Court approve the Fourth Year Plan.Continue reading Motion to Approve 4th Year Monitoring Plan


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