Filings, Motions & Exhibits

Northern District of Ohio Case No. 1:15-CV-01046

Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., Chief Judge of the Northern District of Ohio, oversees and enforces the Consent Decree to ensure that the Cleveland Division of Police implements the specific reforms to its systems, strategies, and policies outlined in the Decree.

City of Cleveland’s Ninth Status Report

Paragraph 387 of the Consent Decree states that on a semi-annual basis the City is to file a status report with the Court. The 9th semiannual report describes the steps taken by CDP during the reporting period to comply with this Agreement; CDP‘s Assessment of the Status of its progress; plans to correct any problems; and response to concerns raised in the Monitor‘s previous semi-annual report.Continue reading City of Cleveland’s Ninth Status Report

Status Conference

The court will hold a status conference on July 14, 2020 regarding the Monitor Hassan Aden’s audit of disciplinary decisions made by the Director of Public Safety, the implementation of the Cleveland Division of Police Force Review Board Training in light of the Monitor’s qualifications and concerns, and the status of the Monitor’s review of the use of force during recent protest activity.Continue reading Status Conference

Monitoring Team’s 8th Semiannual Report

This Eighth Semiannual Report focuses on the efforts of the Cleveland Division of Police (“CDP”) to comply with the requirements of the Consent Decree between the United States and City of Cleveland. It is being issued during an unprecedented time. Even as the nation was making its way through the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now grappling with the ongoing realities of systemic racism in all its forms – especially in policing.Continue reading Monitoring Team’s 8th Semiannual Report

OPS Status Report

As was noted in the City’s prior report to the Court (Dkt. 245), two major goals were established last year relative to completing work on complaints received by the City’s Office of Professional Standards (“OPS”). The first goal remains ensuring that OPS stays current in completing the necessary reviews and investigations for complaints received by OPS after December 1, 2017. Presently, OPS employs eight permanent investigators and one temporary investigator for this purpose.Continue reading OPS Status Report


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