Notice Submitting Monitoring Team Compliance Audit of CDP’s Lateral Hire Background Checks

Date Filed: January 30, 2022

“The Monitoring Team respectfully submits its Compliance Audit of Cleveland Division of Police (“CDP” or “the Division”) Background Checks for Lateral Hires pursuant to paragraphs 308 – 311 of the Consent Decree.

Those provisions of the Consent Decree require the Division to “conduct thorough, objective, and timely pre-employment investigations” regarding all applicant’s prior use of force training, history of using lethal and less than lethal force, and any history of complaints.

This is in addition to the requirement that CDP conduct thorough, objective and timely background investigation investigations to determine candidates’ suitability for law enforcement employment.

The Monitoring Team audited the pre-employment investigation files of a recent class of lateral hires to assess the Division’s compliance with these provisions. The attached Memorandum (“Exhibit A”) describes the methodology and findings of the review.”

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