Consent Decree Status Conference

Date Filed: February 9, 2022

An order for the parties to appear on March 17, 2022 with agenda.

“The court hereby sets a status conference in the within case on March 17, 2022, at 3:00p.m. Council for the parties, and the Monitor, shall be prepared to discuss the following: 

  1. Proposed Consent Decree Amendments related to City of Cleveland Charter § 115 (formerly known as Issue 24). 
  2. The 2022 Monitoring Plan. 
  3. The Monitoring Team’s recent assessment of lateral hiring by the Division of Police
  4. The Monitoring Team’s recent assessments of the City of Cleveland’s investigations of the pursuit resulting in the death of Tamia Chappman. 
  5. Any other matter which the court or the parties wishes to raise. 

The court hereby requires the presence of party representatives with the decision-making authority.” 

Notes about this In-Person Status Conference

This is an in-person status conference that will be held on March 17th at 3:00pm in Courtroom 19A before Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. Council for the parties, and the Monitor. The gallery seating area of the courtroom is open to the public. Spectators will be required to have their temperatures taken on arrival. Masks are required in the courtroom. No virtual or dial-in by phone option has been announced.

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