Join a CPC Work Group

Take an active role in the police policy reform process by joining an open CPC work group. Work groups discuss issues and develop recommendations on the ways current policing policies and practices can reflect community values and expectations. Work groups are active depending on current CPC activities. 

Active CPC Work Groups

• Leaders of Tomorrow Work Group

Chairperson: Commissioner Frederick Knuckles

Members of the Leaders of Tomorrow young adult work group are individuals between the ages of 18 – 26 who live in the city of Cleveland that work together to create positive change through improved policies. The work group’s mission is to develop solutions to policing related issues that impact young people in Cleveland.

• Community & Problem-Oriented Policing (CPOP)

Chairperson: Commissioner Harriet Hadley

The CPOP Work Group focuses on developing a community-driven approach of policing in Cleveland. Community members and police officers work together to identify and develop solutions to local public safety issues. New members welcome. Contact us for details on how to join the meeting or find the next meeting on our event calendar.

• Accountability Work Group

Chairperson: Commissioner LaToya Logan

The Accountability Work Group works to develop proactive and preventive policy recommendations designed to reduce officer misconduct locally in Cleveland. The safety of both the community and police officers who serve the community is the primary concern of the recommendations developed by the work group. New members welcome. Contact us for the meeting link or find the next meeting on our event calendar. 

• Homicide Staffing Committee

Chairperson: Commissioner Gail Maxwell

The Homicide Staffing Committee works to identify the personnel, technology, or other support needed by the CDP Homicide Unit to reduce the number of open cases and better support the survivors of homicide victims during the investigation process.

• Officer Wellness

Chairperson: Commissioner Megan Testa

The Officer Wellness Work Group focuses proactively on the mental health of all officers, the elimination of stigma around mental health issues, and ways to strengthen CDP wellness policies.