Bias-Free Policing

(Consent Decree, paragraphs 35 – 44)

“CDP will deliver police services with the goal of ensuring that they are equitable, respectful, and free of unlawful bias, in a manner that promotes broad community engagement and confidence in CDP. CDP expects all officers to treat all members of the Cleveland community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect, and not to use harassing, intimidating, or derogatory language.”

Recommendations and Reports

Bias-Free Policing; General Order Feedback

The CPC examined feedback from the Cleveland community and bias-free policing policy best practices from around the country. We were particularly interested in the views of people in Cleveland who have traditionally not had a voice and who may have substantial concerns with police practices, including but not limited to; communities of color, people who are homeless and housing insecure, and members of the LGBTQ and Muslim communities. Continue reading Bias-Free Policing; General Order Feedback

How you can get involved

Community feedback – YOUR feedback – is crucial to ensuring the Commission’s reports and recommendations on ways to improve police policies reflect the values of all Cleveland residents. Join a CPC work group to discuss and prepare reports on issues outlined in the Consent Decree, or view our list of other ways to get involved in the police reform process and have your voices heard. Together we can make policies better.