Bias Free Policing Recommendations Report

March 7, 2016

The Cleveland Community Police Commission (CPC) is pleased to present this Bias‐Free Policing Report, which details recommendations to the Chief of Police, the Cleveland Police Department, and the City, including the Mayor and City Council, on bias‐free policing policies, procedures, and training.

The CPC thanks the many community leaders, activists, and subject-matter experts who participated in our work group meetings and are listed in the report. Although extensive work has been done by the work group, this report should be considered an initial report. We expect to modify and/or expand our recommendations during the course of 2016 as we continue to meet with the community, CPD, and other interested and concerned parties. It should also be noted that the CPC is required to issue future separate reports on community and problem‐oriented policing and police transparency, which is why our bias‐free policing recommendations touch on both subjects but do not address them comprehensively. 

Read the Document: Bias Free Policing Recommendations Report (pdf)