Monitoring Team’s 13th Semiannual Report

Date Filed: October 16, 2023

The goal of this semiannual report, which is the product of a collaborative and iterative process involving the City, DOJ, and the Monitoring Team, is to provide the Monitor’s views regarding progress made during the reporting period (January 2023 – June 2023).

The independent Monitor, Karl Racine, released the following statement:

“I encourage all members of the Cleveland community to read the 13th Semiannual Report, and to the extent possible, attend the October 25 status conference hearing. This report is generated through a robust process by which nearly a dozen subject matter experts from the Monitoring team have contributed. The fair and objective analysis outlined by the Monitoring Team in this report helps inform the Court, the Parties, and the public as to the work that has been done and provides a roadmap as to the continued work that lies ahead.

The City of Cleveland and Cleveland Division of Police are to be commended for the progress made to date. Importantly, the process of moving the City towards compliance cannot be done in a vacuum nor is the effort merely a “box-checking exercise.” Rather, reaching substantial and sustained compliance requires a whole-of-government approach that embraces and is fully committed to implementing effective, constitutional policing for the people of Cleveland.”

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Status Conference

On Wednesday, October 25 from 3 - 4:30pm, the Honorable Judge Oliver will hold a status conference hearing with the Parties, which is open to the public (801 West Superior Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113). There will be no virtual or dial-in by phone option.

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