Analysis of the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team’s Eighth Semiannual Report

Document Created: July 2020


As part of its mandate outlined by the Consent Decree, the CPC has developed a straightforward way for the citizens of Cleveland to follow the Monitoring Team’s assessment of the progress the City has made towards fully complying with the Consent Decree. By quantifying the Monitoring Team’s assessment, this report will provide the citizens of Cleveland an alternate way to see and understand what progress has been made so far, as well as how much work remains. Read the report here


Per the Monitoring Team’s Eighth Semiannual Report, each Paragraph of the Consent Decree is given one of five statuses. Each of these statuses is assigned a numerical score to reflect how much progress has been made towards fully complying with the Consent Decree. Non-compliance and Evaluation Differed are given a score of 0; Partial Compliance has a score of 1; Operational Compliance is 2; and General Compliance has a score of 3. Definitions of these statuses are listed on Page 2.

These scores are then added up by section, then divided by the maximum possible score. This is then done for the entire Semiannual Report to get an overall quantitative assessment of how much progress the City has made towards full compliance. As the number of paragraphs varies among the sections, an evenly weighted final score is also provided.


In brief, given these metrics, the Monitoring Team’s most recent assessment gives the City and CDP an unweighted score of 36.8% (281.5/765) of the way towards full compliance with the Consent Decree, or a weighted score of 31.6% (316.4/1000) of the way towards full compliance.

It is import to note that a full compliance score is NOT necessary for a Consent Decree to be considered effective or complete. The determination of when the City of Cleveland is able to end its Consent Decree is at the sole discretion of the federal court and is based on data and information received from the parties.