CPC Recommends Reinstatement of Professor Ayesha Hardaway as Deputy Monitor

The following letter was sent via email to Monitor Hassan Aden on June 25, 2021.

June 25, 2021

Monitor Aden,

After thoughtful deliberation and consultation with community members, we are writing to recommend the reinstatement of Professor Ayesha Hardaway to your compliance team as the Deputy Monitor.

Professor Hardaway is unrivaled in her local connections to community groups and subject matter expertise regarding constitutional policing. She stood on her principles and many groups and individuals here in Cleveland have lifted her up for doing so. These principals embody the spirit of the Consent Decree and all that it hopes to achieve.

As the entity charged with leveraging the wishes of the people to effect changes in this process we ask that you reconsider your decision. As a servant of the people and the court we know you understand how important it is to the integrity of the Consent Decree to ensure the will of the community is not only heard but in fact, drives the process.

We look forward to our meeting in the near future.


The Cleveland Community Police Commission

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