Motion to Enforce the Cleveland Community Police Commission’s Right to Access Information

Date Filed: July 15, 2021

The United States respectfully requests that the Court order the City of Cleveland (the City) and the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) to provide the Cleveland Community Police Commission (CPC) with information it requests to perform its duties under the Settlement Agreement.

The Settlement Agreement recognizes the CPC’s critical role in “the development of reforms, the establishment of police priorities, and mechanisms to promote community confidence in CDP [that] will strengthen CDP and the police-community relationship that is necessary to promote public safety.” Settlement Agreement between the United States and the City of Cleveland (SA), Dkt #7-1, par. 14. The City and CDP have delayed significantly, or have refused entirely, to provide the CPC with information necessary to perform its mandate under the SA.

The United States requests an order to enforce the CPC’s right to access information under Paragraph 19 of the SA and to facilitate the production of information to the CPC going forward.

Specifically, the United States requests an order: (1) requiring the City and CDP to provide the CPC, within 14 days, the information CPC has requested previously, which is set forth in Attachment A; and (2) with respect to all future CPC information requests, setting forth a process to resolve these requests quickly and efficiently as described more fully below. A proposed order is attached hereto.


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