City of Cleveland’s 11th Status Report

Date Filed: December 2, 2021

This is the City’s eleventh status report to the Community and the Court. This most recent report occurs as the City is in the transition period following the November 2 mayoral election. Instead of limiting the focus to a period of the last six months, the City’s Eleventh Status Report attaches and incorporates a summary progress review with reference to issues to be addressed as the City prepares to enter 2022. This review is attached hereto as the “City of Cleveland Consent Decree Transition” report.

The City’s Transition Report summarizes the areas of work undertaken from the beginning stages of the Consent Decree to the present to meet the agreed upon reforms addressed in the Consent Decree. Specifically the Transition Report addresses work accomplished to date and identifies matters to be further addressed going forward. The Transition Report is broken down under the following categories: CDP Policies, Crisis Intervention, Training, Finance, Recruitment, Equipment/Resources, Accountability, Community Engagement, and Data.

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