Policing the Police: Spectrum News Special on Police Crime

Policing the Police: Spectrum News Special
Dates: Saturday, Feb 26th 8:00pm | Monday, Feb. 28th at 9:00pm
Where to Watch: https://spectrumnews1.com/oh/columbus/crime/2022/02/25/spectrum-news-1-exclusive–policing-the-police

Policing the Police: a Spectrum News exclusive, is a deep dive into the complex issues surrounding criminal behavior by police officers.

Host Sophia Constantine asks, what happens when an active-duty officer breaks the law? How is police crime reported, who tracks it, and what consequences do officers face? 

Featuring a firsthand look at the work of Phillip Stinson J.D., Ph.D., professor of Criminal Justice with the Henry A. Wallace Police Crime Database at Bowling Green University, and interviews with leadership from within the ranks of the Cincinnati and Columbus police departments as well discussion on police culture, recruiting and training with Jason Goodrick, the Executive Director of Cleveland’s Community Police Commission and retired Cleveland Police Sgt. Richard Jackson.

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Feb 26 2022


8:00 pm