CPC Publishes 2021 Annual Report

For Immediate Release:
April 5, 2022

The Community Police Commission (CPC) today released its 2021 Annual Report which can be found on the Commission’s website at clecpc.org/our-work. The report highlights the CPC’s work over the past year and outlines the changes happening soon to the CPC as it transitions to be a permanently established, independent oversight body as a result of a civilian-led initiative, Issue 24, last November.

A special section of the report includes details from the CPC’s research project titled, “100 Years of Police Reform Project.” This comprehensive project looks back through dozens of police reform documents, commissions, studies and reports published in the time period of 1922 – 2022 that show long-term, lasting change to police culture in Cleveland has been short lived and unsustainable. The evidence-based lessons learned through this research will provide a roadmap for the next iteration of this commission to navigate future reform efforts.

Looking to the future, CPC Co-Chair Lewis Katz says, “With the wisdom of the past, a new mayor and potentially new police leadership, hopefully we will see great leaps forward in police reform this year. After all the goals remain the same: effective policing that respects the constitution and achieving greater safety for all residents. The CPC continues to pledge towards the achievement of those goals.”

The CPC’s 2021 Annual Report in a pdf format is available here. Print copies of the report will be mailed to our community partners and stakeholders. Contact us at info@clecpc.org or 216-505-5920 to request a print copy of the report.

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